Tuesday, March 29, 2011

William Shatner, Priceline Billionaire!?!?!

On his Fox Business Blog, Brian Sullivan postulates that William Shatner may very well be a billionaire thanks to his involvement with Priceline.com.  He writes:

"When Captain Kirk .. er, Shatner .. became Priceline's pitchman more than a decade ago, he smartly (or desperately) decided to be paid in stock. After a brief run during the tech boom Priceline shares went into the dump, bottoming out below $2. Then the run began.  While we don't know how many shares or options Shatner was given, or if he has held onto them, reports last year were that his stake was worth some $600 million dollars. And that was when Priceline was trading at a mere $300/share.  With the stock up nearly $200 more/share since then, its possible Mr. Shatner is getting darn close to being a good, old fashioned stock market billionaire."

Man, I hope this is true.  Shatner has had so many deaths and rebirths in Hollywood.  And his greatest rebirth is totally thanks to his surreal brilliance in those early Priceline ads.  As he states in his autobiography Up Till Now, "I've been told that David E. Kelley had seen me doing my Priceline .com commercials and had begun thinking about me for this role he was creating...I love the thought that David E. Kelley had decided to write the character for me after seeing me doing a Priceline.com commercial."

To think that he has now acquired that kinda cash thanks to weird commercials like those below fills this Shat Attacker with quite a bit of glee.

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