Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shatner vs. Facebook: Twitter To The Rescue!

This past weekend Facebook deleted William Shatner's Facebook page.  According to Trekmovie, Facbook believed the page to be a fake and required Shatner to submit a scan of a Government Issued ID to reinstate the page.  Shatner wanted nothing to do with that so he went to that other social media, Twitter, and got to work.

30 minutes after the Tweet, Facebook put Shatner's page back up. Twitter saves the day, kinda embarrassing Facebook.  Shatner's first post after reinstatement, "Thank you to Facebook for reinstating my account. My best, Bill."  There was much rejoicing on his wall.  

Hopefully, Facebook has learned its lesson.  I'd hate for them to face The Wall of Shatner.

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