Thursday, March 3, 2011

Raw Nerve Recap: Scott Bakula

This was probably my favorite episode of the season so far and that's mainly because I think Scott Bakula is one of the coolest, most underused actors in Hollywood.  As a kid, of course, I grew up watching (and loving) Quantum Leap.  The time travelling adventures of Dr. Sam Becket and his hologram buddy Al were geeky heaven for this dork in training.

However, what really got me hooked on Bakula was his starring role in Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions.  To this day, I'm fascinated with this film.  Horror Noir with Bakula's P.I. Harry D'Amour leading the charge against evil cultists, stuck-up magicians, and one sexy Femme Fatale in the figure of Famke Janssen.  Check out this fanmade music video to get a taste:

Anyway...I was pretty excited that Bakula was sitting down for a Shat Chat.  Again, at just over 20 minutes the show never delves too deeply or philosophically about anything.  That's not a slight, not by a long shot.  What's great about Raw Nerve is that it gives you just a taste of the personality sitting in the hot seat.  It's just enough to get you excited about Bakula.  Time to pop in a Quantum Leap disc, or that Boston Legal episode he did, or maybe a Chuck or two.  

Shatner introduces Bakula as "a wonderful actor, great singer" and for the first half of the show they mainly focus on Bakula's love of song.  He talks about singing Elvis and Lennon on Quantum Leap, of which Shatner was completely unaware.  Shatner asks why he never sang on Enterprise and Bakula responds simply, "...we didn't make it long enough.  We only had four seasons-"  Shatner interjects, "Which is one more than I had!"  Chuckles.  Lots of fun moments between the captains.  But my absolute favorite part of the whole interview was Shatner acting as Bakula's father as Bakula acted as his young self informing Papa Shatner that he would be leaving school to tour with Godspell.  It's zany improv like that that makes Raw Nerve worth it.  Surreal genius.  

Unfortunately, the interview never steered to the infamous Playgirl shoot.  Maybe they're leaving that for Shatner's documentary The Captains which should be airing sometime later this year in Canada with an expected DVD release date soon after.  Fingers crossed.

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