Monday, March 7, 2011

Shatner on Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Extra Long Version

Thanks to Comic Book Movie for hipping this cat to the above video.  There's a lot of hate floating around internetland for The Motion Picture, but I personally love the film.  It's long--way long--and it's not the Trek flick you're constantly popping into the player, but when you have the time and desire I feel that The Motion Picture can be quite rewarding.  It's about exploring the unknown.  It's not a punch up, it's a discovery.  That's what was so great about the idea of TOS.  And it's something I'd love to see reintroduced to the new JJ Abrams era.

Glib Shatner on TMP:  "...Ten years later you get tired scoring all that time...i guess he was scoring with all those babes, on the tenth year he gave up and made a movie."

Thoughtful Shatner on TMP:  "the science fiction magic...the theories of science fiction when they're based on some element that is vaguely true carries with it a great deal of force...anything is possible and that's the basis on which Star Trek The Motion Picture works."

Don't be a hater.  When you're in a good, thoughtful mood give The Motion Picture a spin in your player.

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