Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shatner's Rules: More Details Leak + Charlie Sheen, Crazy Like A Shatner???

There's another Q&A over at The Seattle Times that offers almost nothing new for Shat Fans, but there is this, "I'm in the midst or writing a book right now...One of the chapters is called 'Saying Yes To Life,' because if you don't say yes you miss an opportunity."

And if you jump on over to The Hollywood Reporter, you can read a snippet in which Shatner defends Charlie Sheen's recent parade of crazy.  Shatner says of Sheen, "He seems perfectly in the moment, not drugged.  His manner of speaking, his cadence, his terms of expression are a little different...But he's not crazy-to my mind-he's just jagged and putting the interviewers on."

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