Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two New Mondo Star Trek Prints!!!

Mondo Tees have truly outdone themselves this time.  Tomorrow, at a random time, these two prints (Mirror Mirror 24 x 36 by Tomer Hanuka & The Menagerie 24 x 36 by Mike Saputo) will go on sale for $45 a piece.  You better act quickly, their last two prints for Kill Bill and Pan's Labyrinth sold out in a couple minutes and I suspect the same to happen here.  Ebay will be your next stop, but don't expect to pay anything less than 100 bucks once that happens.  Fingers crossed for all you crazed bidders out there (me included).

Oh, and they're also releasing the below print for David Cronenberg's Rabid, a film that has always held a special sick place in my heart.


  1. Love that Menagerie poster. I'm not in love with the Rabid image, but that is a film, and it would be cool to have something interesting for it.


  2. Well, thanks to a neighbor blogger, looks like I've scored a copy of the Mirror Mirror print. Thanks Cool & Colected.