Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ABC Brisbane Interviews Shatner

Australia's Kelly Higgins-Devine got ten minutes on the phone with Shatner for ABC's Brisbane radio show Drive.  The Interview is short, but Kelly managed to get a few good bits of info outta the star of Kirk, Crane, & Beyond.  The Highlights:

                --Asked what's the secret to staying young at 80, Shatner wryly responds "Chose your mother and father before conception."
                --Shatner reveals that he saw a lot of Alexander The Great (at least his televised version) in the role of Captain Kirk.
                --Kirk, Crane, & Beyond will be a "potpourri" of stories in which the "audience will be entertained mightily."
                --Shatner is currently living in a period of "what the heck!  a sort of east that it doesn't really matter in the long run" that has allowed him to dive into multiple projects.
                --His upcoming album, Seeking Major Tom is a "sketch history of what I think happened to Major Tom...it could be really interesting, got my fingers crossed, you never really know."

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