Monday, February 21, 2011

Poster Premiere!

There it is!  Bask in its glory!

Geez, where to begin?  How to explain such madness?  Designed by Paul L. Petzrick, the poster for Shat Attack 4: The Revenge was concocted late one night over the course of several texts between Paul and myself.  The last two posters Paul did for Shat Attack were inspired by the Star Trek II (UK Quad) and Star Trek III posters, but rather than go for the obvious Voyage Home homage...well, I just thought Jaws 4: The Revenge!

I'm still working on the line-up for this year's party, but Shat Attack 4 is gonna have a lot of Horror on display.  We've got Ray Bradbury Theater, a couple Thriller episodes, and I've finally scored a bootleg for the awesomely terrible Horror at 37,000 Feet.  So with that kinda Shat Crazy about to be unleashed upon our audience--well, if you've seen Jaws 4 then maybe you just get it.  A terrible movie, but for the 13 year old boy inside it's a fantastic viewing experience.  It's got The Last Starfighter, Oscar winner Michael Caine & his paycheck, and Mario Van Peebles' ridiculous Jamaican.  It's goof, but it's fantastic.  And that's what I want from Shat Attack 4.  

The great thing is, Paul really seemed inspired this year.  It took him just a few days to whip up the poster, but he wasn't done.  Two days later, he sent me a link to his Jaws/Star Trek IV video mashup.

As of this date, the Shat Attack 4 mashup has reached 501 views.  That is amazing to me and fills this Shat Attacker with great joy.  The video premiered on the other great Shatner Loving blog Look At His Butt! (  And recently included a brief synopsis of Shat Attack as well as the video as part of their regular Shat Watch article (  So as you can see, Shat Attack is sweeping the nation.  Next year, we might even have a proper venue...

Anyway, just 12 Days till Shat Attack 4.  Lotta prep work to be done.

FYI, Paul's previous Shat Attack posters:


  1. I'm really enjoying your new blog and reading your posts.

  2. Thanks. Haven't told anyone about it yet. Still working on the designing the page and just getting used to the format. Playing around mainly.